Le Dépanneur – The Elegant Delicatessen in Botafogo

The Depánneur is a really nice Delicatessen in the heart of Botafogo, on the long stretched main square of Botafogo, at Botafogo Metro Station, on Rua Nelson Mandela.

Botafogo turned out to be the neighborhood in Rio, where I use to stay most of the time, since in contrast to many other areas in Rio the district of Botafogo is relatively safe day and night and there are many bars and restaurants in this small neighborhood as well.

It’s hard to describe, but though there are many tourists in Botafogo, in contrast to Copacabana for instance the Botafogo neighborhood just has a cosy feel to me and it’s ideally located in the geographic center of most of the tourist attractions, between the Christ Statue and Pão de Açúcar on the one hand and on the other hand the Centro of Rio and Leblon/Ipanema and Maracana and Quinta da Boa Vista, the Palace of the Monarch Pedro II just some subway stops away. Even the Jardim Botanico (Botanical Gardens) and the Parque Lage is only a short bus ride away from the transport hub Botafogo.

So Le Dépanneur offers many pastries and a sun terrace to enjoy your time here at Botafogo’s main square. The staff is friendly and willing to help you. You choose your pastry presented on a huge plate, and then you enjoy your choice together with a coffee or the like in this nice Delicatessen at Nelson Mandela or Botafogo square so to speak.

But see it for yourself:

And here is the famous slide show:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Bottom Line: Le Dépanneur Delicatessen, located in the Rua Volúntarios da Pátria 86, Botafogo, rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is a great delicatessen with delicious food and an elegant atmosphere in a nice neighborhood. A perfect combination if you ask me.

From Rio with Love!
Dr. Dr. Immanuel Fruhmann


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