The Deli 43 – Pavelka Leblon – A Nice Bistro near the Beach

The Pavelka in Leblon is just a perfect spot to hang out with your friends and to have fun in the sun. Although there is another Pavelka in the Centro, right on the opposite of the Confeitaria Colombo, here at the one in Leblon there is a nice terrace on the street and it’s not as crowded as the other Pavelka in the main pedestrian street in the Centro, Rio’s City Center.

So the Pavelka Leblon is safe and nice, since it is located in Leblon, one of the safest areas in Rio. And the beach of Leblon, a part of Ipanema, is also not far from here, just a few blocks away. The staff is nice and the menu provides full meals, snacks, and desserts. I took the Combo No. 3 consisting of a baguette with ham (pork) with mustard and a croquette of meat. For the drink I took a mate, a sort of yummy ice tea, which the local drink a lot.

So this place is ideal to have a great time in an elegant and safe neighborhood of Rio and the beach is just 2 blocks away.

See for yourself:

And here is the famous slideshow:

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The Bottom Line: The Deli 43 – Pavelka in Leblon, in the Rua João Lira 97, is a nice place to have meals, snacks or just coffee and dessert in a very safe area.

From Rio with Love!
Dr. Dr. Immanuel Fruhmann


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